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NGO legal links relevant to David Emerson’s switch of parties

Democracy Watch — An independent, non-profit, non-partisan Canadian citizen advocacy organization seeking to empower Canadians as voters, citizens, taxpayers, and consumers.

See especially the following Democracy Watch web pages:

  • Government Ethics Campaign especially the 2006 Campaign with:
    • Its coverage of Bill C-2 (the Federal Accountability Act) and
    • David Emerson’s switch to the Conservatives and a cabinet post, specifically:
      • A 6 February 2006 news release that Democracy Watch planned to file a complaint with Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro about Mr. Emerson’s switch. (The complaint was likely filed on 14 March.)
      • A 14 March 2006 letter and same-day news release in which Democracy Watch:
        • Criticized MPs Peter Julian, Wayne Easter, and Bryon Wilfert for asking whether Mr. Harper — and Mr. Emerson (in Democracy Watch’s view of the MPs’ inquiries) — had violated Section 8 of the Conflict of Interest Code of the House of Commons and
        • Requested an inquiry into whether David Emerson had violated Principle 2(b) and Principle 2(c) of the House of Commons Code.
        • Requested also an inquiry into whether Mr. Emerson had violated Subsections 3(1) and 3(2) of the Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code for Public Office Holders.
      • A 23 January 2007 news release which provided a detailed critique of the conclusions of the Ethics Commissioner’s 20 March 2006 report that there was no violation of Principle 2(b) and others in the House of Commons Code.
  • Links to Canadian Government and Government Information and Accountability Sites on the Internet

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